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My outfit
 I'm feeling so blessed!
 Burger, coke float
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 Sunny, Rainy

Today, I went to His Life City Church for Campus Rock Concert with Veronica and Clarisse. We fetched up JC, Miller, Ej and his friend at Buymax first. When we arrived at HLCC, we headed at the grassy part to wait for the first gig to finish. While waiting with some of our schoolmates, Arian tried to entertain us by having some games. The weather made us look so haggard, it's too hot. My head did hurt because of too much heat. Huhu :( After waiting for the first gig to finish, we lined up before entering. The weather's so bipolar, 'cause it rained before we got inside.

It's too crowded inside, but I still feel excited about it though! It's too hot and it came to the point where I had a hard time breathing, but I overcame it. Clarisse had to go outside 'cause she really can't endure it anymore. I really enjoyed the part where I jumped and sang like I was just in an ordinary concert, but in this, I'm praising God while having fun. I'm really blessed to see my friends praising God! Specially Miller, he's not like that before. I felt blessed because of Janxy too, 'cause he surrendered his life for God. I hope he's sincere though, but I feel he is. This concert had a huge impact in me. It made me realize a lot of things and it made my faith to God stronger. I'm so enlightened now, about life and everything that goes on with it. It's so good to see my schoolmates praising and surrendering their lives to God. 

Anyways, after the gig. We went to McDo Intersection to eat. Clarisse and I ordered burger and coke float. I actually had a good time with them while eating. Haha! Because we've talked about some random stuff. JC's so funny! Hahaha! This day has been a blessed one, so stoked to go to HLCC again on Saturday! Yay! :)

gotta love Clarisse's top! 

These are just the pictures that I managed to take during the concert, haha! I have such shaky hands..  or is it just the crowd that's too frisky? LOL

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