Sunday, May 27, 2012 ♡
Au revoir, Summer. 0 comments (+)

Summer's near to end. Seems like it just started huh. I still don't know what to feel about school. I just met some of my classmates. I kinda don't feel them. Maybe eventually I'll get used to them, like last year. But I'm kind of nervous in the first day. Cause I only have Syd and Mikhael Sam to go with me. Two boys, and I'm the only girl, awkward huh. But I'm sort of excited too because finally I wont be stuck here in this boring house doing nothing all day. I really promised myself to put more effort and to stop being lazy this school year for me to get high grades and be on the first block. Hope I won't get disappointed again.

By the way, I will be leaving for exactly 1 week because I'm going to Manila with my sister and grandparents. I'll be going back on June 3, 'cause classes will start on June 4. Expect me to post more stuff when I get back! :)


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